Ledesma Maternity

I was able to spend time with this beautiful couple. I have been photographing their family for a few years now, and I am so excited that they are welcoming their third child this fall! I can’t wait to see their newest addition!




Frye Family

A couple of weeks ago I was able to spend time with the Frye family! Their family of 6 was so amazing to work with! The boys were just adorable and the way they loved their sister was amazing!





My friend

I have this incredible friend. She is a health coach. She sat down with me one morning to have coffee. I got to see her in action, working on her dream of being a health coach. I was able to get a few pictures of her in action working on her plan to help others by getting them healthy.

She is an incredible person with an amazing personality. When she started on this path of becoming a health coach, she was on track to getting healthy. She lost over 15 lbs her first month and is helping tons of other women and men do the same thing! This is incredible. I am so proud of her! I am blessed to be her friend!

Dress up


-the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external                                 objects not present to the senses.

-the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

-the part of the mind that imagines things.

Six and Seven. Those are some magic numbers. These two have the best time imagining together. They dress up and play imaginary games. Its incredible to watch little kids play and sometimes the things they think up are great!



  1. a designer of haute couture
  2. a devoted follower of fashion


This seven year old certainly makes a statement. She likes to pick out her own clothes and she likes to put together outfits that often make me cringe. I usually tell her to change, but sometimes something in me embraces her sense of fashion. The fact that she can create something, whether matches or not this is her. I try my hardest to hang on to these moments because they won’t last. She won’t be seven forever. She won’t always create outfits like this.

Taking pictures of these small moments are so important. They won’t last. But these pictures will capture a moment in time that I get to remember forever. I get to look at these pictures and see her attitude, her style and her personality.

Making Ice Cream

A couple of weeks ago we made home made ice cream.

We went to the store for ingredients to make S’more Ice Cream but we found a fresh strawberry stand on the side of the road and came home with a half box of strawberries. So we ditched the S’more Ice Cream idea and went for Strawberry.

My husband is wonderful in the kitchen and he decided to teach Ava the skill of making home made ice cream. Here is there adventure together.

Day 4- Personal

This week is spirit week!

I have been so far behind on my personal project because I moved and I’m in the process of selling my house.

Literally the last few months have been nuts. In August I met the most incredible human being. We’ve been together ever since. We’ve encountered cancer and surgery and getting married and moving. Its been a crazy whirlwind of an experience but I am with the love of my life. He has been so amazing and so supportive. I can’t imagine my life without him in in.

Miss A hasn’t missed a beat and while we’ve encountered some adjustment, she has been doing really really well.

Yesterday I broke out the camera for Spirit week. It was mix match day.